Warranty-Core Return Policy

Core Return Policy

Cores must be returned within 12 months after the end of the month in which the corresponding remanufactured exchange order was shipped.

For example: for any material shipped in January, the customer has until the end of the following January before the core allowance will be due. If a core is not returned against a purchase within the prescribed time, the customer will forfeit the core from the original billing.

All core returns should be “Like for Like”. (i.e. cores of equal value) There is an allowance for the customer to return a core equal to or less than the core value of Fuller transmissions being purchased. Prior authorization from the vendor must be obtained prior to the return transaction. These authorizations would be for cases when customer is ‘upgrading’ his existing transmission. The customer will receive the value of the transmission core returned. Only one transmission core can be returned for every one transmission purchased containing a core charge.

Any returned core will create a credit in its own core group depending upon the exchange value assigned to the returned core. (i.e. returning a core valued at $1500.00 against a unit purchased at $2200.00 value, the credit will be for the value of the returned core.) Exchange values will vary by model, class, and grading within each core grouping.

Returning Cores

Cores may be returned to the servicing PDC, or directly to the O.E. manufacturer’s core processing facility. All returns must have a Return Authorization number. This number must be included on all return paperwork. Failure to acquire this return authorization number will inhibit the core credit process. Contact your servicing PDC for all return numbers.